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Improved Defense Among League’s Best Over Last Six Weeks

Posted by Gary Glenn on December 19, 2012 – 5:33 pm

TitansAfter a rough start to the season, the Titans’ defense has made major strides over the last six weeks, improving in several defensive categories.

Over the five games they have played in the last six weeks (bye week included), the unit ranks third in total defense (286.0 yards per game), fourth in scoring (17.6 points allowed per game), first in sacks (3.4 per game), sixth in third-down percentage (32.4 percent), eighth against the run (104.6 yards per game), second in opponent passer rating (60.7) and second in interceptions (10).

“It just shows the potential that we have as a unit,” safety Jordan Babineaux said. “As far as we’re concerned, we should have been putting up those kind of numbers all year. You see what happens when you win the turnover ratio, you see what happens when continue to play that well on defense and you hold guys to 10 points. It’s a pretty good outcome.”

The defense began its current run in a Nov. 11 win at Miami. After a bye the following week, the Titans faced the Jaguars (Nov. 25), Texans (Dec. 2), Colts (Dec. 9) and Jets (Dec. 17).

“Over the past few weeks we’ve had some solid ballgames defensively and had a lot of success doing some of the things that we just got better at doing all year,” Babineaux added. “We’re finally seeing some decent numbers. It’s just unfortunate that we only have a few wins to show for it.”

Top overall defenses (yards per game), last six weeks (Nov. 8–present):

1. Cincinnati Bengals – 1,626 (opponent yards), 271.0 (yards per game)
2. Denver Broncos – 1,699 (opponent yards), 283.2 (yards per game)
3. Tennessee Titans – 1,430 (opponent yards), 286.0 (yards per game)
4. Pittsburgh Steelers – 1,725 (opponent yards), 287.5 (yards per game)
5. Seattle Seahawks – 1,472 (opponent yards), 294.4 (yards per game)

Top scoring defenses, last six weeks (Nov. 8–present):

1. Cincinnati Bengals – 75 (points allowed), 12.5 (points per game)
2. Seattle Seahawks – 65 (points allowed) 13.0, (points per game)
3. Denver Broncos – 99 (points allowed) 16.5, (points per game)
4. Tennessee Titans – 88 (points allowed) 17.6, (points per game)
5. San Francisco 49ers – 115 (points allowed) 19.2, (points per game)

Most sacks per game, last six weeks (Nov. 8–present):

1. Tennessee Titans – 17 (3.40 sacks per game)
2. St. Louis Rams – 20 (3.33 sacks per game)
2. San Francisco 49ers – 20 (3.33 sacks per game)
2. Cincinnati Bengals – 20 (3.33 sacks per game)
5. Cleveland Browns – 16 (3.20 sakcs per game)

Top third-down defenses, last six weeks (Nov. 8–present):

1. Denver Broncos – 16.2 percent
2. San Francisco 49ers – 27.7 percent
3. New York Jets – 28.4 percent
4. Pittsburgh Steelers – 31.0 percent
5. St. Louis Rams – 32.1 percent
6. Tennessee Titans – 32.4 percent

NFL leaders in opponent passer rating, last six weeks (Nov. 8–present):

1. Arizona Cardinals – 49.2
2. Tennessee Titans – 60.7
3. Seattle Seahawks – 62.8
4. Cincinnati Bengals – 65.5
5. Green Bay Packers – 71.7

Defenses with the most interceptions, last six weeks (Nov. 8–present):

1. Arizona Cardinals – 13
2. Tennessee Titans – 10
2. New Orleans Saints – 10
4. Atlanta Falcons – 8
4. Denver Broncos – 8
4. Seattle Seahawks – 8

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5 Responses to “Improved Defense Among League’s Best Over Last Six Weeks”

  1. By E on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    Keep it up guys. This needs to carry over to next year. We have a young, strong defense and we have the potential to be 1 of the best in the league.So hopefully the offense will be better next year and we’ll be in the playoffs!


  2. By MM on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    Defense maturing, hopefully Micheal Griffin plays all next season like he did the Jets game because our safety play has been terrible at best. Need a pass rusher, but I also think we will have the most athletic and talented linebacking core for some years to come.

  3. By Pf on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    What is going on with Karl Klug? Why is he not getting any playing time? Is it true that Keith Mallard does not like him, which cuts into his time?

  4. By Titanman45 on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    We finally let Zack Brown loose….This guy speed is sick for a LB. It took 10 weeks to realize that he get to the QB like a young Ray Lewis. Next year he will be a ALL PRO..

  5. By UW on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    This is a playoff team next year, if they can stay out of there own way. We a talented saftey to help us. I can’t wait

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