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Hasselbeck Content With Role at QB

Posted by Gary Glenn on January 8, 2013 – 4:08 pm

Titans, ColtsMatt Hasselbeck sounded like a player who wants to return to the Titans in 2013 in comments he made to reporters on the team’s final day at Baptist Sports Park.

Hasselbeck has one year left on a three-year deal he signed prior to the 2011 season. He said he would be okay continuing to back up Jake Locker and be ready to play as needed.

“Who knows what happens? But I like our quarterback room a lot, and if I’m here I understand where we are in Jake’s development and all that. So I guess, really, I’m OK with being a part of his maturing process if that’s the role I have to play. What also goes with that role is stepping in if he can’t go, so I knew all that coming in.”

With 14 NFL seasons under his belt, the situation in Tennessee seems ideal for Hasselbeck, who turns 38 early next season.

“Some guys might feel differently at the stage I am in my career or whatever. But the only thing that’s important to me that goes with that is I want to be on a team that is good and that is heading in the right direction.”

Titans brass had targeted Hasselbeck in 2011 to have a veteran presence at the position and to groom the team’s up-and-coming quarterback. He started all 16 games for the Titans in 2011, throwing for 3,571 yards, the fourth-highest total in team history. His 18 touchdowns passes were the most for this team since 2004.

Locker was named the starter following the 2012 training camp, leaving Hasselbeck to play in only a handful of games while Locker was recovering from an injured shoulder. The veteran QB went 2-3 as a starter, winning against Pittsburgh and at Buffalo, where he tossed the game-winning touchdown pass to Nate Washington. He completed 138 of 221 passes for 1,367 yards with seven touchdowns and five interceptions.

“I feel good about the people we have here,” Hasselbeck said. “I feel good about the people in charge. I feel good about the plan. This year obviously didn’t go like we’d hoped, so it makes it harder.

“On paper, we can (be a winning team). That’s my hope. We just have to stay healthy, maybe add a piece and get the most out of the pieces we have, get the chemistry right. But I feel good about everything here. I’ve really enjoyed Nashville, which is important for me. But we’ll see. Like I said, a lot can change.”

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22 Responses to “Hasselbeck Content With Role at QB”

  1. By Titanman45 on Jan 8, 2013 | Reply

    Lets see 38 yrs old playing back up for a few millions a year is no problem. Here is another error by the Titans. Hasselbeck is ok for a few games but after October this guy gets ready for the holidays..How about we go get Kyle Orton out of Dallas an let this guy compete for a job. Last time I check Orton threw for over 3,000 yards in Dever. We must upgrade this position but If we leave it up to Munchak we all lose…….

  2. By Titansfan on Jan 9, 2013 | Reply

    I think if we had fisher and started hasselbeck we would be sorta good but forget fisher hes the past, I think they should start hasselbeck atleast he lead us 2 9 wins, I was one of the ones begging for them 2 start Locker but now I regret begging.

  3. By jimmy batts on Jan 9, 2013 | Reply

    Hasselbecks out he’s had plenty of chances. Get locker surgery and grab vick.

  4. By addicted2football on Jan 10, 2013 | Reply

    Forget Vick, unless you want to place a bet on the next dog fight. I know everybody is probably tired of hearing me say this, but it’s WAY WAY WAY too early to give up on Jake Locker. Yes, get the shoulder fixed. Yes, fix our O line and give Jake protection and a consistent run game. No, do not waste time on Michael Vick or any other free agent QB because the market for free agent QBs this year is going to suck as bad as the market for QBs in this years draft. Give Jake 2013 with a good O line, then judge him. Steve McNair didn’t look too hot in his first couple of seasons either, but we all know how that story ended. Lets show a little loyalty here.

  5. By Draconiancowboy on Jan 10, 2013 | Reply

    Thank you addicted2football! I totally agree. Jake has the pieces to be a great QB. Here is the thing; great actors will get crappy reviews for a bad script or bad co-stars. We need to build around him. At no point in this season did we have a complete team… Our O-line gave great protection in the beginning, but CJ was dancing around for 25 yards a game. Halfway through, CJ was starting to pick it up, but the O-line was getting hurt. By the end, we had no O-line, and CJ was finding yards everywhere. Throughout that, Britt looks like a high-schooler out there and Cook can’t block or catch a pass. Not to mention the turnover of an OC in the process… Cut the guy a break. That is a bad season for any QB.

    If all the pieces fit, we have more than just a playoff team guys. In my opinion, we just need the right OC and DC to put these pieces together.

  6. By Titanman45 on Jan 10, 2013 | Reply

    Hey addicted2football.. I like your comments but I cant agree with you on this one. I have watch alot of young QBs in my years but Locker cant see the field sitting in the pocket. Honestly he plays the same way he did at Washington, the NFL speed puts a monkey wrench in his game. I like Jake, but he made a fool of me when trying to defend his play on the field.Watching these other rookies coming in the league making the playoffs makes it tuff to want to keep Locker.

  7. By fredrick boothman on Jan 11, 2013 | Reply

    titans can fix there team with draft by trading down once getting extra two then draft de-dl – ol 1rd 2rd ol-ol de- dl 3rd db-ol 4rd db rb 5rd db-rb7rd ol . they need at least two ol by the 3rd

  8. By addicted2football on Jan 11, 2013 | Reply

    @Titanman45 – I know everybody (including myself) is disappointed in the way this season turned out, especially after going 9-7 last year and only missing the playoffs by 1 game, but consistency is the key to success. I know I’ve said this before as well, but if the HC and QB become revolving doors, we’ll be the new Cleveland Browns. With Mike Mularkey gone and Blaine Gabbert probably on his way out too, I expect the Jaguars will be learning that lesson the hard way REAL soon. I’ll ask again that we all be patient and give Jake the 2013 season to prove he’s worth keeping, and if he isn’t then I’ll be the first one to admit that I was wrong. I do honestly believe Jake has the desire and the work ethic to succeed at the NFL level though. GO TITANS!!!!

  9. By Titanman45 on Jan 11, 2013 | Reply

    Addicted2football I hope you right. I like Jake and maybe we did throw to much at him to early. Hopefully Munchak can find a good OC who can keep things simple for Locker. Chris Palmer ran the RUN N SHOOT, and that can be hard for any young QB. We have no choice but to go with him, just hope 3rd time is a charm. GO TITANS

  10. By rick on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    I keep hearing our team has talent. I didn’t see it last season and I attended every home game. Our O-line is in shambles, Washington is our only decent receiver and he’s near the end of his career, CJ plays in spurts, Locker has to learn to get his passes down or he is going to get his receivers killed, our D-line is too damn small. When you see the games in person, this is so obvious. Linebackers aren’t too bad, corners and safeties need work but have possibilities. And most of all, where has our heart gone? Many times I saw our team quit ( Chicago, Green Bay for example) and it was embarrassing. And the fans……..shame on you!! We used to be loud and crazy, now we sell our seats to opposing teams fans. The 12th man needs to “man up” next year and see if we can’t help turn things around. GO TITANS!!

  11. By fredrick boothman on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    munchak what ya doing its jan 16 2013 and ya still have not fired your dc or oc i thought ya was supose to find new dc and oc by now i think its time adams changed his mind and fire your ass

  12. By fredrick boothman on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    there is no wayya keeping him as oc what is wrong with you munchak i quess is ya want to get fired that guy is a joke a bad joke for oc quess what 2013 titans end up with worst offenive in the nfl in scoreing fewest points ever in nfl history good luck winning any games next with that oc munchak starting to think someone hook you on stupid pills or green bud you sure are not thinking clearlymy quess is titans will have number 1 pick in 2014 draft. with the way you thinking i bet ya totaly mess up with who ya take in 2013 draft your grade will be c c c meaning ya had bad draft

  13. By joe on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    I think Loggains will make a great OC, he just needs to get his shot and prove it. We have to remember he took over in the middle of the season and didn’t put his system in. He has be given a lot of training and now it’s time to see what he can do with it. Don’t know about the LB promotion, it’s funny that he have so many coaches on our staff that were coaching other positions then what they specialize in . Hopefully it all pans out. Lovie Smith would be a great addition to this staff but I guess Munchak really likes Greg. I can see the Titans drafting Star in the first round and a CB in the 2nd round. OG in the third. This all depends on if we get one of the 2 top OG in free agency, Safety. Be great of our safety Martin and CB Campbell could take over as the starter at their perspective positions

  14. By addicted2football on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    I agree with Joe, the only knock against Loggains is he’s a rookie OC. That doesn’t mean he’s no good, every coach and coodinator in the history of the game was a newbie at some point. I would still like to see Jim Washburn back as our D line coach though.

  15. By fredrick boothman on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    defensive linmen first round offensive linmen second round offensive lineman third round db-cb fourth round db-cb-wr-lb-rb fifth round. need big dl to free up are de and two ol to rebuild are ol thats are top two needs dl-ol go titans. hope ya can win a game next loggains had five weeks to show improvement in offensive he didn’t offensive got worse with him as oc i see no wins in 2013. since it looks like jerry gray not getting fired the defense will be worse in the nfl next year wow titans go 0 for 16 get first pick in 2014 draft wow with that pick they draft another qb because jake locker suffers serious injures because there oc totaly sucks

  16. By fredrick boothman on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    all titans fans should become texans fans what ya think adams a good idea yes

  17. By Titanman45 on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    At this point Titan fans… no one wants to work with a coach thats on his last leg.
    Guys like Lovie or Ryan would never take a chance with the way things are going in Nashville. Nobody around the NFL wants to take a chance with Munchak. I would take Jack Del Rio as a DC right now but Guys know that Munchak is a joke. Munchak will also make it hard to attract free agents because no one knows tthese new coaches..

  18. By C.Prak37216 on Jan 21, 2013 | Reply

    I’m going to put it plain and simple guys, “LEADERSHIP”… Haven’t seen much of that since Keith Bulluck was leading a pretty consistent and dominant defense. But since Titans history shows us, the front office doesn’t take foolishness and bad sportsmanship ie.. the Terrible towel incident, the titans cleaned house and removed a numerous amount of talented leaders. Like we have done in our history another example was after titans made a run to the super bowl no more then a year later we release big names like D. Mason, McNair, S. Rolle, Dyson brothers. Enough of all the talk about Oc, Dc ive seen this team do some outstanding things when we going good. But it starts with the right players stepping up. This draft will be the difference maker since we try no to dwell to deep into Free Agency. OL is probably the biggest concern at the moment. D-Line played very well at the end of the year, guys like Klug, Casey, Morgan, Wimbley makes up for a pretty good DLine. Lets just hope that we can make a nice splash when late April comes.. Ive been rooting for my titans team since 97, but admit have jumped ships with Broncos, Ravens, because i feel embarassed sometimes when i watch my team play.. LETS GO GET SOME LEADERS.. Go TITANS

  19. By fredrick boothman on Jan 21, 2013 | Reply

    TELL ya what i would fire jerry gray and hire Ray Lewis as defensive coordinator Ray is a defensive genious in my book could be best defensive coach in the nfl if given the chance go Titans

  20. By TitansFanInFlorida on Jan 22, 2013 | Reply

    Look at it as a “needs” based off-season. No need to spend money shaking up the quarterback room. Hass is the guy you want along side Jake, Jake gets another year being evaluated. We need a stronger dive into free agency besides depending on the Draft. It will take more than one or two pieces. I haven’t followed other teams until the playoffs but these games have been fun to watch. All players on these teams are making major contributions. We need to seriously evaluate the health of current players. I don’t want to sound harsh but we had a ton of guys get hurt for the season who initially started on the depth chart. We can’t afford another year of the same players getting hurt. Focus on the D-line, O-line, safety, maybe a big press cover corner?? The coaching staff is final, whether we like it or not. Munch gives coaches latitude, no one is shying away from coming here. Here is to a fresh start in free agency!

  21. By Dave on Jan 30, 2013 | Reply

    I think everyone has a point the sad truth is if they dont get rid the coaching staff we are all in big troiuble and destine for another bad season…. CJ at this point can go some where else he hasnt been that productive any how.

  22. By TitansFanInFlorida on Feb 6, 2013 | Reply

    I think we lack attitude. In a physical industry like football, you need some nastiness. Not that you cheap shot people, create penalties, or cheat but it is a very physical game (duh). No NFL team should be getting blown-out in games; that is more attitude than missing assignments or talent. Go Titans!

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