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Re-signing Jared Cook a Priority for Titans

Posted by Gary Glenn on February 22, 2013 – 10:13 am


Head coach Mike Munchak called re-signing tight end Jared Cook “a big priority” during comments he made to reporters Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

“He’s a big priority. He and Sen’Derrick (Marks) and Rob (Bironas),” Munchak said. “Those are three guys we’ve been talking to. Like I said, we can’t control when they’re ready to talk to us. Most players, when they get this close to free agency want to test the market.”

As a former player who went through a pair of labor strikes fighting to make free agency available, Munchak understands their position. He said testing the market doesn’t mean a player does not want to be here, or that the Titans don’t want the player.

“It just means they want to see if there is something better than what we have here,” he said.

GM Ruston Webster said he is on the same page with the coaching staff in their desire to re-sign the dynamic playmaker.

“We’ve always wanted Jared. That hasn’t changed, and I don’t see that changing,” Webster said. “We’re on the same page with the coaching staff. I would think he’ll be with us next year. He’s a big part of our offense. How it gets done, we’ll just have to see.”

Munchak said Cook is a player the Titans feel strongly about.

“We feel a big part about us having success next year is having him in the offense and using him in different ways,” Munchak said. “We feel like he’ll have an opportunity to catch more balls, be more productive and maybe (we’ll) have him be more efficient with the plays he’s in there without overworking him at that position.”

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10 Responses to “Re-signing Jared Cook a Priority for Titans”

  1. By EBTITAN on Feb 22, 2013 | Reply


  2. By aguilard on Feb 23, 2013 | Reply

    We need Cook cause to me he is one of the best out there.GO TITANS!!

  3. By Andy on Feb 26, 2013 | Reply

    Tennessee bloody well better get Cook,Bironas and Marks signed especially the first two. Bud Adams may have to open up the vault but they are worth it! Cook could turn into the most dominating TE/WR the Titans have seen ever! He has the makings of a SuperStar! Pay him and play him and throw him the ball at least 100 times per year,he’ll do some damage to defenses that haven’t been able to figure him out.

  4. By john b.greene on Feb 27, 2013 | Reply

    Finnally afterhis first couple of years I thought cook was the answer at te, till mid-season last year . Letting the world know he wanting to be traded.. He looks like he could be a star, perhaps a superstar then giving up on your team publicly ? tough one for me .. T.O. was a great wide receiver yet a bad team member. use the tag on him see how he preforms next year could save us some money long term

  5. By james obrien on Feb 27, 2013 | Reply

    Wow! Unbelievable! You have got to be kidding me,right? Cook the franchise tag? The Titans want to resign him? WHY? On the bases of what? Im of the opinion that Cook should be released.He has underachieved since he has been here.He has been givin plenty of time to get it together and he has NOT! Every year he waits till week 15 to score his 2 total TDs for the year. He drops to many balls and is never where he should be.Its this kind of thinking that keeps the Titans loseing.How can my opinion be so far off from what the braintrust thinks?Are we not watching the same games?This is basic stuff,how can they be so far off the mark? Let him test the market.He will be right back,trust me nobody else wants him.Go ahead and shop him before March 12 and see what you can get if you dont believe me.You might could get a 6th or 7th round offer,but thats it.Stop overvalueing your below avg. players.

  6. By fredrick boothman on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    james obrien is a titan hater its true he dropped to many passes and its true they didn’t throw the ball to him enough and it threw him off because it caught by surprise when they did throw it to him they seldom did i watched the games to terrible play calling and they didn’t look like they had any practice either totaly flat play most of time three and out three out most of the game its know wonder defense gets warout when defense on the field twice as long as the offense i would say offense can to play in only half of there games ibeen a fan of theirs for forty years that was the worst offensive play calling ever they were very had to watch them play the guy they got as oc is no improvement over the one they fired he had five games to impress but sucked as bad as they fired and wow guess what they keep the dc too isn’t that called i want to get fired very little change of coaches except williams he could make a difference on defense with two dc they should improve. if titans got any football know how they would use their first two picks on ogs and totaly rebuild their ol hey they two third round picks use one on dt and other on a center go titans

  7. By Mike on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    Release him. Nobody will pay him 10 Mil a year. He hasn’t done anything.

  8. By Joe Mitchell on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    We need Cook, he was way under utilized last season. I can’t blame him for wanting to leave TN. Big mistake losing such a talented player.

  9. By EBTITAN on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply


  10. By Jigga on Mar 15, 2013 | Reply

    Titans will be better if Locker learn how to read the defense

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