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Titans Determined to Bounce Back Quickly, Finish Next Opportunity

Posted by Craig Peters on September 16, 2013 – 8:42 am

Tennessee showed Sunday at Houston that it doesn’t plan on being a pushover this season, but the Titans want to push through a disappointing result against the Texans.

The Titans showed against the Texans that they don't plan on being pushovers in 2013.

The Titans showed against the Texans that they don’t plan on being pushovers in 2013.

The Titans answered the Texans’ opening touchdown with a touchdown and endured terrible field position for the third quarter before rallying to a 24-16 lead with less than five minutes left in regulation. The lead didn’t hold, however, as Houston tied the game and then prevailed in overtime.

“It’s tough. It’s really difficult,” quarterback Jake Locker said. “This is what’s tough about this sport. It doesn’t all go the way you’d like it in hard fought games like this. That’s why you love it so much, that’s why it’s so tough at times. That’s a hard one to swallow, but we’re going to have to forget about it and come back to work (this) week.”

Defensive end Derrick Morgan said the Titans feel like it’s a win that got away and that the team needs to do a better job of finishing next time.

Titans coach Mike Munchak said he liked the resiliency the team showed when things weren’t going well even if it didn’t yield the resolution of the Titans improving to 2-0 to start the season for the first time since 2008.

“We had the opportunity in the fourth quarter to win that football game and that is all you can ask for when you travel on the road against a team that has won the division the past two years,” Munchak said. “Now we are going to be in (the games) and we have the personnel and the group and the heart, and our mentality is that we are going to be in these games every weekend and now we have to find a way to win them when we come this close.”

Michael Griffin said the game reminded them a little bit like Tennessee’s overtime loss at home to Indianapolis in Week 8. The Titans lagged after that emotional game, losing four of their next five.

“I feel like we’re going in the right direction, but we’re still trying to get there and put some pieces of the puzzle together,” Griffin said.

Players who lived that tough stretch don’t want to repeat it, and players who were brought in as free agents and through the draft want to prevent it.

The Titans won two road games in all of 2012 and lost 38-14 last season at Houston. This season, they’ve won at Pittsburgh, pushed the Texans to the brink and are returning for three consecutive home games (San Diego, New York Jets, Kansas City).

“We’re just going to rebound and we’re going to do what we’ve got to do next week against the Chargers and let them feel our pain,” Jurrell Casey said.

Munchak said he wants the team to build off the experience it gained Sunday to acquire what’s needed to finish opponents.

“We have to realize that’s what the NFL is all about,” Munchak said. “If you put yourself in that spot, there are great players playing. We are that type of team that can crawl back and change the momentum of a game, even when things are looking bad for a while. We did that and so we have to build on that, come back and play better, and clean up the stuff we had hurt us in this game. If we do that, we’re going to win a lot of football games.”

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12 Responses to “Titans Determined to Bounce Back Quickly, Finish Next Opportunity”

  1. By Titanman45 on Sep 16, 2013 | Reply

    The Titans will be a contender this year. If you look at the AFC, no one stands out to me.. Hats off to the Texans for winning 2 weeks in a row, despite playing poor football. You will not have the refs on your side next time( KARMA)

  2. By curson4life on Sep 16, 2013 | Reply

    Please stop with the refs. Losers blame the refs as a crutch for their losses. We lost because we didn’t get it done when we had an opportunity to do so. And the only way we can complete will be if our offense comes together. And when you say compete, do you mean Super Bowl or just playoffs? Because only Super Bowls matter.

  3. By Edward on Sep 16, 2013 | Reply

    It seems that Munchak or the OC does not trust Locker to open up his passing game. They’re relying too much on the run and it looks like they just wanted to run the clock out 5 minutes left and play too safe. Locker’s never gonna be a passing threat if you don’t open up your playbook to allow that. Give him more shots down field. He can do it.

  4. By kevin shaw on Sep 16, 2013 | Reply


  5. By Leroy on Sep 16, 2013 | Reply


  6. By Leroy on Sep 16, 2013 | Reply


  7. By Titanman45 on Sep 17, 2013 | Reply

    Curson-4life I wonder if you saw the game on Sunday or did you look at the highlights on ESPN.. We never blame refs for anything, we just dont want the refs to dictate the games in crunch time. This is not the NBA… The refs called a saftey on Chris Johnson,that was a bad call, Andre Johnson catch was not a catch on the 1 yard line. Both calls went to the Texans an they got points out of it. I still give the Titans credit just because we are not the same team from last year. This is a different Animal…GO TITANS

  8. By curson4life on Sep 17, 2013 | Reply

    Titanman, please stop with the excuses…Because if Locker makes the crucial 3rd down throw we win…If Locker makes an accurate throw to Nate we possibly score an additional 6. And if the defense keeps them out of the end zone we have a shot also in overtime. The fact is we lost…And Titans fans should stop accepting these moral victories. And to answer your question, yes I watched the game…And it looked like another Jeff “Field Goal/500” Fisher production.

  9. By fredrick boothman on Sep 17, 2013 | Reply

    thought titans wanted locker to run more and roll out passes more what happened.the offense does practice right i hope so because compared to their defense they need a lot of work it appears.i see a screen door hitting a oc in the ass soon if things do not get better on offense soon.

  10. By edwin on Sep 18, 2013 | Reply

    Locker played well. Yeah he missed the big throw on 3rd and 1, but there were a lot of previous plays that were called back because of penalties. A couple of 13 yard gains, a wr screen to wright, and a 13 yard run by CJ that were called back because of holding calls. Then we had the nice bomb to Britt that was called back because of another penalty. The very next play the safety happens i believe so no Locker didnt screw it up…the penalties did. There were some iffy calls by the refs though….the illegal contact one with Verner was stupid, it didnt even touch him! The personal foul one that gave the texans a first down was ridiculous, and reynaud called fair catch and was still hit, wth was up with that? Nonetheless, the refs didnt take this game away from us…it was our playcalling and our penalties. period. until next time though…go titans

  11. By edwin on Sep 18, 2013 | Reply

    and we need to stop with the Fitzpatrick stuff…he was a turnover machine with Buffalo, and we definitely dont need that in Tennessee. Locker hasnt thrown a pick, knock on wood, and im happy with what hes done…he’ll improve, no doubt

  12. By GAkudzu on Sep 18, 2013 | Reply

    Yes! The titans are COMPETITIVE! Expecting LOCKER to improve his accuracy and the rest of the team to jell in the fourth game. Looking good for a winning team this year.

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