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Tennessee Titans Football

Fitzpatrick Replaces Injured Locker, Throws TD

Posted by Craig Peters on November 10, 2013 – 1:49 pm

Ryan Fitzpatrick stepped in for Jake Locker (foot injury, questionable to return) with 4:25 remaining in the first half and led the Titans on a scoring drive.

Fitzpatrick was 5-for-5 for 53 yards and a touchdown pass to Taylor Thompson with 41 seconds before halftime. Fitzpatrick faked a handoff to Chris Johnson and rolled to his right, finding the tight end in the end zone. It was the first target and catch of the season for Thompson and first touchdown of his two-year career.

Fitzpatrick opened the drive with a screen to Johnson, which gained 10, but a penalty against Kendall Wright for an illegal block moved the ball back to the Tennessee 48-yard line, where the drive began.

Fitzpatrick connected with Justin Hunter for 11 on the next play, and with Wright for gains of 15 (on third-and-2) and 8 during the eight-play, 52-yard drive that spanned 3:44.

The Titans trailed 13-7 at halftime.

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21 Responses to “Fitzpatrick Replaces Injured Locker, Throws TD”

  1. By T on Nov 10, 2013 | Reply

    You’re KILLING me! The last 2 games have been elementary. You have a great opportunity with the cults losing and what do you do? You lose to a division rival who has not won a single game all season. I am DISGUSTED and growing tired! Keep up the GREAT work Defense……Offense, you’re PATHETIC! Titans need a QB and a good backup QB. Johnson, I love you, but you need to run forward and take the first down when available. Game after game it’s the same thing and it’s getting OLD. I was looking forward to this season and have remained positive and hopeful. But, you are getting WORSE every game. GET YOU’RE $HIT TOGETHER….PLEASE!!!

  2. By royalan83 on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    Titans lost to the worst Jags team in NFL history, does that make the Titans worse than the 1984 Oilers? Once again, I blame the OC… The play calling hasn’t been taking advantage of other teams weaknesses.

  3. By addicted2football on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    So now 3 years in a row we’ve lost a game to the worst team in the league (2 to the Jags the last 2 years straight and 1 to the Colts in 2011), for the first time in 15 years I have to say I’m ashamed to be a Titans fan. Fire everybody, I’m tired of defending them.

  4. By royalan83 on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    Even after spending 100 mill in the off season, they can’t even get a .500 record. No wonder the owner croaked, fans are fed up too.

  5. By addicted2football on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    With Bud Adams gone, Munchak won’t have any friends upstairs after the season either. I see us cleaning house again, and in my opinion Gregg Williams is the only coach we should keep, as DC or HC either is fine with me. Munchak is gone, Jerry Gray is gone, we’ll probably release Jake Locker, and we need to ditch Bernanrd (the human personal foul) Pollard because every time I hear his name it’s after a 15 yard penalty. We also need to trade Chris (CJ2.5ypc) Johnson, I’m tired of seeing his little “Dancing With the Stars” act. Keep the O line, keep the entire defense minus Pollard and draft a good MLB, I like McCarthy but he gets hurt as much as Jake Locker does.

  6. By T on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    Maybe we can make the 2 QB’s and Britt a package deal and trade for a GOOD QB!

  7. By addicted2football on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    The only QB I can think of off the top of my head worth trading for would be Kirk Cousins from the Skins, but the way RG3 gets banged up they probably wouldn’t be willing to deal him. We’re gonna wind up drafting another QB, and in a best case scenario packaging our 2 QBs with Kenny Britt to boot would probably only get us back the 2014 3rd rounder we traded to the Niners when we moved up to draft Justin Hunter.

  8. By T on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    The only way to make up for the loss is by putting the SMACK DOWN on the Colts! Offensive line needs to protect Fitz so that he doesn’t go into any fits and throw Interceptions. Everyone needs to do their job and do it to the best of their ability. If they all WANT IT, I think we can do it.

  9. By trippe on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    we need to draft tahj boyd or johnny manziel if we try and get a qb

  10. By curson4life on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    Addicted, last we communicated you said we were a good team…It’s funny now you finally realize this team is horrid.

  11. By T on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    It’s time to bring back Vince Young!!! At least for the rest of this season. Who knows, he may become the Vince we thought we drafted.

  12. By addicted2football on Nov 12, 2013 | Reply

    curson4life, I guess it takes a crushing defeat from a winless team to finally see the light. As I said in my earlier post, I’m tired of defending them. I still think we have a small core of good players, but we need better coaching and more solid play at QB. Jurrell Casey, Akeem Ayers, Zach Brown, Alterraun Verner, Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter and Chance Warmack are all solid players who will take us to the next level. Locker is obviously brittle and inconsistent, and regardless of his home run ability, CJ is not worth what we’re paying him and should be traded while he still has some value.

  13. By addicted2football on Nov 12, 2013 | Reply

    Also, it is NOT time to bring back Vince Young. Young is 30 years old and has essentially been out of football for 2 years. I don’t entirely blame Vince for the way things worked out, Jeff Fisher has to take a bite of that crap sandwich too, but the VY project is dead and burried. Look at all the QB needy teams that PASSED on him this year, that says something.

  14. By Titanman45 on Nov 12, 2013 | Reply

    Ok…Ok… So what we lost. The Team is 4-5 right now… with a possiblity of being 5-5 by Friday morning… WE STILL HAVE GAMES LEFT TO BE PLAYED..Im just as pissed off as you guys but you have to move on. You guys give up to fast. We are still in the playoff hunt. So what Locker is gone 4 the year, just let Fitspatrick play. He looks like he got more heart than Locker anyway. My only concern is at center…. We need that rookie back in order to be a playoff team.
    Curson4-life your a bum… where was you last week when the Titans won.
    You only come on this board when we have a bad week. FAKE FAN……

  15. By curson4life on Nov 12, 2013 | Reply

    Addicted…It’s always a pleasure communicating with you…Regarding our team, we have to be honest…We are a bad team. And I get so tired of fans who make excuses or get mad when we make an honest assessment of the Titans. Simply put, the Titans STINK. And history tells us we are going to miss the playoffs again. And look, I can understand the desire to see Young signed because when he was here at least we had hope. Locker is a bust and any franchise that signs Fitz after his days in Buffalo has no clue about player personnel.

  16. By curson4life on Nov 12, 2013 | Reply

    Titanman, I’m not going to resort to name calling like you…But what I will say is your are delusional as a fan. Obviously you know nothing about football because if you did you would know Fitz stunk in Buffalo and stinks in Nashville. We are 4-5 coming off a win against a lowly Rams team and a defeat by the Jags. So beating the Rams is impressive to you? Wow, low expectations. How about the losses to the good teams such as Chiefs, Niners, and Hawks? As I have told you before, stop being a FAN and become an analyst and see the team for what it is…Below 500…In closing I’m more of a fan than you ever will be.

  17. By danton on Nov 12, 2013 | Reply

    this year you are awesome. The fans are being disturbing and it may be non assured that it is not reaffirming, there are empires and legends in football. THE TITANS can be one of them. The loss and indecision of not hav9ing Hasselbeck and Moss on the team are exuses that no man, woman nor child should refuse to acknowledge. The meantime and the next two games are very important. There is no exuse not to make an 8 and 8 season out of this one, if not better.
    as some of you already know, there is passion, and there is precision. Pollard might be the weak man on the team, hes’ like the sleeping Ken Griffey from Seattle, if you have to, let him go! There aren’t too many ways to represent, there aren’t too many ways to be a jerk. Catch and release, if this dude thinks hes’ gonna jump on Cincinnatti or something or even make it to another team, effortlessly, which team do you think it will be?

  18. By addicted2football on Nov 13, 2013 | Reply

    I won’t under any circumstances give up on my team, but in all fairness I think it safe to give up on this season. After losing to the worst team in the league 3 years running and with Bud Adams gone, I can’t imagine a scenario where Mike Munchak keeps the HC job after this season, especially with our new CEO Tommy Smith going on record as saying he wants to build a “tough, hard-nosed team” that we’ve been lacking. I honestly hope we promote Gregg Williams as the new HC because he was with us the last time our team looked anything like tough and hard-nosed. We do have some talent on both sides of the ball, and with the right coaching staff to build on that I believe LP Field will once again be feared and respected. Durability issues will ultimately spell doom for Jake Locker, but with a 2014 base salary of just 2 million I still think he’ll be with us next year while we groom another draft pick at QB.

  19. By addicted2football on Nov 13, 2013 | Reply

    I see us being solid on the D line, at OLB and at CB, but we certainly need help at both safety positions and MLB. On offense, we obviously need a dependable QB and a POWER RB, our smash and dash duo needs to just become SMASH. CJ may have some gas left in the tank, but he isn’t worth the 8 million he’ll be due next year and he’s still good enough to have some trade value. I like what we have in Wright and Hunter, and I’m not opposed to keeping Damian Willaims. We need another solid player at WR because Britt is gone and Washington probably is too. My final assesment is, we need to address QB, WR, RB, MLB and both S positions.

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